Nov 29, 2015, 1st Sunday of Advent


A Poem by Pastor Chico Martin


Chaste Joseph, betrothed to a virgin,

summoned the timely midwife

and heard the just born baby cry.


His bewildered mind,

straightened by extraordinary dream

and warped again in darkness,

struggles with wily doubt,


even as the light of day,

its radiance renewed,

brightens affliction.


At the hill’s wide mouth,

shepherds and animals crowd close

to glimpse the burial-clad child

who has known everything


and centers on himself

the lost world wanderers

and prophets vouched

he moves and re-creates.


Respectful Joseph sits apart,

senses the reclining mother

turn toward him her face

and tender thought, and hears

the festive busyness pitch sound


at pleasing intervals.

The fragrant air joins

in the chorus of hymns

delivered by invisible attendants.


Twelve days distant, magi,

led by a new made star,

move out from partial guidance,

as Joseph, defender of virginity,

leaves dejection for joy,


observing the midwife,

perplexed by easeful birth,

wash the stainless infant,

likeness unto himself.


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